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I wanted to get a feel for what people here thought the most effective carpet cleaning method was? I personally love HWE I don't think anything can touch steam cleaning when it comes to dirty carpet. I am getting more and more interested in encap cleaning though. I would really like to see what others think of encapping? Most of my business is residential, but sometimes I will come across CGD in a residence and it would be really nice to be able to encap it and be done with it.
Category: Carpet Post By: KEN SHARP (Gastonia, NC), 01/11/2019

I cleaned carpets for a few years with my brother's carpet cleaning company. IMO there are several effective carpet cleaning methods. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. I used HWE (hot water extraction) and Bonnet carpet cleaning. A lot of the time, I would use both methods on the same carpet: spray the carpet with a pre-spray, scrub it with a cotton pad with the low speed buffer, and then rinse with extractor and acidic rinse. IMO, the buffing method doesn't work with berber or ultra-dense carpet. It needs enough space to move the carpet fibers around. It does excell with oelfin carpet though. With steam cleaning, it can be dangerous to no lower the heat enough on olefin, thereby damaging the fibers.Bainbridge Island Window CleaningPoulsbo Window Cleaning

- EMILY BARNES (Erie, PA), 05/02/2019

I have cleaned carpets for years with about every kinda system there is. I have seen guys with flame throwing truck mounts do a terrible job, I have seen just the oppisite also. I have been encapping with 175 to 300 rpm swing machines for a few now and have had nothing but great results. Just putting a pad under the machine does not work all the time. You have to learn and master the system you are working with. HWE can follow my cleaning and get dirt, I can follow HWE and get dirt. No system gets it all. Encap work great with what ever system you want. And it works great , HWE even are using encaps in the final rinse. As a padcapper bonett cleaner pad cleaner or whatever you want to call it, Encaps do work. Just sayin

- GENE NUNEZ (Peoria, IL), 05/13/2019

As for the Berber carpet i get tons of refferals from people with Berber. I really enjoy cleaning Berber carpets. Super easy to clean padcapping. Thanks

- VICKIE MARQUEZ (Delray Beach, FL), 04/02/2019

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